Disc Replacement

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Disc Replacement

Conditions like degenerative disc disease and herniated discs often cause chronic neck or back pain that conservative treatments cannot relieve. Fellowship-trained minimally invasive spine surgeon Neil Bhamb, MD, always takes a compassionate and holistic approach to pain and spine care, especially when performing disc replacement. Dr. Bhamb specializes in cervical artificial disc replacement and can address pain without limiting function. Find out how you could benefit from Dr. Bhamb’s expertise by calling either office in Century City or Marina Del Rey, California. Or schedule a consultation online, which is quick and convenient.

Disc Replacement Q & A

What is disc replacement?

Disc replacement is a treatment Dr. Bhamb might recommend if you have herniated disc in your spine or painful bulging. Your provider may replace discs in your neck (cervical spine) or lower back (lumbar spine).

The shock-absorbent discs between vertebrae have a tough outer coating and soft center. If the outer part of a disc weakens, its jelly-like center can push through the weakened area, creating a herniated or bulging disc.

You might develop a herniated disc if you have a condition like degenerative disc disease, or it could result from a severe injury where your spine comes under tremendous pressure. If the damaged disc presses on spinal nerves, it can cause disabling pain.

What are some signs I might need disc replacement?

Cervical artificial disc replacement is an option for people with persistent neck and back pain due to a herniated disc. If you have a herniated disc, you might feel prickling, tingling, and numbness, depending on which nerves the disc is pressing on. 

When will I benefit most from disc replacement surgery?

Some therapies that help patients recover from a herniated disc without the need for disc replacement surgery include:

  • Activity and lifestyle modifications
  • Physical therapy
  • Medication

When these approaches cannot resolve neck or back pain, acupuncture and/or epidural steroid injections might help. If these treatments aren't reducing your pain after several months, you may want to consider a surgical solution like artificial disc replacement.

Which is better, disc replacement or spinal fusion?

Dr. Bhamb performs disc replacement surgery using minimally invasive techniques and specializes in cervical artificial disc replacement.

You might not have quite the range of motion in an untreated spine, but significantly more than you would after spine fusion. While fusion effectively relieves neck or back pain caused by herniated discs, losing range of motion in the fused part of your spine is the key disadvantage.

Artificial discs are also becoming increasingly sophisticated and better mimic normal spinal function. These methods cause less bleeding, scarring, tissue damage, and pain, and you can return to a functional and active life much sooner.

If you want to learn more about disc replacement, call Neil Bhamb, MD, to schedule a consultation or request one online today.